A Tale of Two Teams

If you've read a few of my blogs, you'll know that I did an internship with Gretchen/Wink Photography in the Spring of 2018 (I've been a college graduate for almost a year, how crazy is that?!). This maternity shoot was the results of a model call we did. It was my first actual maternity shoot, yes as opposed to fake maternity where I had friends stuff their shirts with cloth.

These two are football fans, but not just any football fans... The momma is a Green Bay Packers fan while the dad is a Minnesota Vikings fan. Proof that opposites attract? Possibly! Curious who the daughter will root when the day comes. The little onesie dress they brought along was perfect! I couldn't NOT incorporate it! There were also some baby shoes in the mix, which sparked some inspiration for sure! And of course I did the cliché shoes-on-the-belly and the even more cliché shoes-on-the-belly-in-B&W-except-for-the-shoes. It's my one exception!

Overall, it was a wonderful session in Gretchen's studio (again, always thankful!!). The sun was shining through the windows perfectly. The end result? Bright, smiling faces of these two proud parents and their sweet baby to be.

Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy year of the Pig! My friend Jennifer reached out to me for a photo shoot in January for the Chinese New Year and I happily obliged. We decided to meet at The Japanese Garden at Normandale College. We had a lot of fun shooting, but oh was it cold! (Not Polar Vortex cold, thankfully!) Luckily, I brought plenty of oolong tea to keep us warm. Not to mention the gorgeous golden-hour light we were able to use in the fleeting winter daylight hours us Minnesotans know so well. It was a wonderful time. Hopefully next photo shoot we do, it is in the SUMMER. Haha!

Enjoy these inspired photos!

Lashkowitz Family Photos

One thing I really loved about my internship with Wink Photography is the learning curve. This session last spring with the Lashkowitz family had me faced with 5 subjects, with 2 of the 3 children being an antsy boy and an 8-month-old. I'll admit, it was a lot of handle, but with some help with from Wink Photography's Gretchen, it all went well. I'm not sure why it's so amusing to compliment a child's blue shoes as being orange, or their blue shirt as green, but it is! I got some wonderful smiles from all and the studio was full of laughter. Their mix of bold and pastel colors helped me forget the cold snow outside. Sure, it was starting to melt, but in Minnesota, does winter ever truly go away?

Enjoy some favorites from this session!

First Newborn Shoot!

Well, I helped. And by “helped” I mean shadowed. Since the beginning of February, I have been interning at local newborn and family photographer Gretchen of Wink Photography! Not long after I started, there was a lifestyle newborn session on the calendar. I was, and still am, thankful for the opportunity to come along and meet little Olivia! She was so precious and was a joy to photograph. There were so many cute baby noises, stretches, and smiles. Really inspired me to do it again.
I learned a lot during the shoot and after. It was a wonderful and adorable experience!
Here is a preview and link of said photoshoot. 

Painting, Tattoos, and Sunsets

Like most portrait photographers, I like to show my subject’s personality. I like to go a little extra by showing something about them in the background.

Today’s feature is my good and talented friend Stephi, who has been creating wonderful art since forever. We met back in middle school and I have always loved watching her create figures and characters inspired by real life and Japanese anime through various mediums year after year. I was lucky in doing this shoot while she was working on a figure painting, shown in the background. I also tried to show off her ink, done by her friend Dani.

I looked at a lot of outdoor winter shoots these last few months, so I was wanting to try something myself. It was a bit cold out, but Stephi was a trooper! The only other trouble with shooting in the winter in Minnesota is the golden hour (the time of day with the BEAUTIFUL golden light) is fleeting! We figured some stuff out, got some good shots, got to experiment as well. It was a good learning experience for sure, and of course, it was a lot of fun!

Below is one of my favorite images and a link to the rest of the gallery.

Huzzah for The First Blog Post!

Hello there and thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve been wanting to say something, post something, but never really knew what or how to start! Plus staying on top of things during my last semester definitely keeps me busy! I’ve had a good handful of photo shoots this semester alone, and I have a lot coming up, so there will be plenty of content!

I’m still learning techniques behind the camera and in post, still trying to find my exact style. I know I like unique angles. It’s something that sometimes works out wonderfully and sometimes it’s a bit of a disaster. But hey, I tried!

I’m also going back and forth on where my focus (haha, photography pun) with portraits should be… Newborns, families, seniors, fashion, headshots, weddings, random creative stuff… I love it all! So you’ll see a bit of everything.

Stay tuned! :D